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Easy mortgage

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Easy mortgage

If you can not prove your income, but you have a history of certain installments, you can use a mortgage to buy or renovate real estate.


Loan currency
Maximum loan term
20 years
Interest rate
From 10.5%
Effective interest rate
From 11.86%
Payment History
Payment history is considered: Deposits on bank liabilities; Supplements made on bank deposits; Amounts of rent paid; Amounts paid to the development company (seller).
  • Real estate owned / acquired by the borrower / co-borrower or owned by a third party.
  • Identity document;
  • Extract of real estate from the public register;
  • Documents confirming the contributions made;
  • Proof of existing or spent co-payment.
  • Age - 21-70 years (end of term)
  • Income - any kind of stable income: salary, dividend, rent, self-employment income ...
  • Co-borrower - If your income is not enough to get the requested amount, you can hire a member of a stable income family member / members.

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