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Corporate Governance

Code of Ethics

Compliance with ethical principles and standards of professional conduct
(This text has been prepared for commercial banks in accordance with the Code of Ethics and the Code of Professional Conduct)

1. Any person (both outsiders and shareholders, managers and employees of JSC "Halik Bank Georgia"), who believes that JSC "Halik Bank Georgia" violates the principles of ethics and norms of professional conduct, has the right to express / submit Complaints / Applications / Complaints to both oral and standard written (Appendix No. 1) and electronic forms.

2. If the author of the claim/statement/complaint applies, JSC "Khalik Bank Georgia" ensures his anonymity.

3. A written complaint / application / complaint is filled in and, if desired, sent to any branch of the Bank (responsible for correspondence) or to the Bank's Chancellery (head office) or sent to the official website of the Bank - in the form of an electronically completed form .

4. Information on the results of the consideration of the complaint/application/complaint is provided to the author (if desired) within 45 calendar days from the receipt of the complaint/application/complaint (as agreed with the customer and/or identical to the method of fixing the complaint):

- In the case of a written form - sent by insured mail, to the address specified by the user, or delivered to the hands.
- In the case of an electronic form - sent to the e-mail address specified by the user.