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Mortgage for future landlords

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Mortgage for future landlords

If you want to buy real estate or renovate real estate for later rental, you can take out a mortgage with future income.


Loan currency
Maximum loan term
10 years
Interest rate
From 10.5% GEL / 7% USD / 5% EUR
Effective interest rate
From 11.86% in GEL / 7.96% in USD / 5.38% in EUR
Grace period
0-6 months
Not required
Borrower / co-borrower income
The amount of rent to be received in the future will be included with the existing income
  • Property purchased or owned by a borrower / co-borrower / third party.
  • Identity document;
  • Extract of real estate from the public register;
  • Income documents.
  • Age - 21-70 years (end of term)
  • Income - If the property to be purchased / repaired is residential, one of the sources of income for the borrower / co-borrower should be the rental of existing real estate;
    If the property to be purchased / repaired is for commercial purposes, it is permissible for the borrower not to have an existing source of income.
  • Co-borrower - If your income is not enough to get the requested amount, you can hire a member of a stable income family member / members.

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