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Customer Protection

Customer Rights

(This text is prepared in compliance with the procedure for receiving and consideration of the customer complaints of JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia").

  1. The customer may express its complaint during provision of the banking service both in verbal and written forms, in any branch or head office of the Bank. Also, if a customer wants to verbally express the complaint, the bank employee is obliged to offer the customer a standard written or electronic complaint form.
  2. In the event of expressing the complaint in a written form, the customer will fill out the complaint form and at its own discretion, submit it to any branch of the Bank (to the person responsible for correspondence) or to the bank administrative office.
  3. In the event of electronic form, the customer will fill out the complaint form on the Bank's official webpage -
  4. The obligations with regard to the complaints of the customer shall not apply to the Bank if:
    a) The Bank has already considered, in writing or electronically, the same written complaint of the same customer and there are no additional important facts and circumstances found with regard to the specified matter;
    b) The customer's complaint is concerned with the bank refusal on provision of financial product to the customer save to the extent that the Bank is obliged to furnish the customer with the above-mentioned financial product.
    c) The reason of the complaint is impediments or refusal to render the service due to the requirements of the effective laws, including the Law of Georgia on Facilitating the Prevention of Illicit Income Legalization.
  5. The customer will be informed about the results of consideration of the complaint within 1 month from receipt thereof ( in agreement with the customer and/or according to the method of specification of the complaint):

- In case of a written form - it will be sent by registered mail at the address specified by the customer or will be handed over personally.

- In case of a electronic form - it will be sent to the e-mail address. 

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