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Safety tips

Phishing - A fairly common form of internet fraud that targets personal information such as a bank card number, PIN code, etc. Possession and use for fraudulent purposes.
Fisher sends mass emails containing various types of links. After going through these links, you will be taken to a website where you are asked to fill out personal information. The request is disguised in such a way that the visitor of the website has an association to request personal information from his service bank or another organization familiar to him.

To protect yourself from phishing it is important to consider:

• If immediate action is requested in the email, this is definitely doubtful;
• Always carefully check the sender's accuracy and the links to which the content of the email points to the link;
• If the email was sent from a known organization and the content is questionable, be sure to check the information with the organization before taking action;
• Try to limit the sharing of personal information through social networks as much as possible;
• Do not share your bank card number, PIN code or CVV code, as well as your internet bank username and password;
• Do not store a PIN code, Internet banking password or any other type of password on your mobile phone or anywhere where it may be easily accessible to a stranger;
• Contact the bank immediately and block the card if you receive an SMS message about an operation unknown to you;
• Have the compromised card reissued.