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Mortage loan

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Mortage loan

If you plan to purchase, build or renovate real estate, we offer a long-term mortgage loan with acceptable tailored to you.


Loan currency
Maximum loan term
20 years
Interest rate
From 10,5% GEL / 7% USD / 5% EUR
Effective interest rate
From 11.86% in GEL / 7.82% in USD / 5.38% in EUR
Not required

* Lending rates are tied to the following indexes: refinancing rate of the National Bank of Georgia (GEL), 6-month SOFR (USD), 6-month EURIBOR (EUR)

  • Property purchased or owned by the borrower / with the borrower / third party.
  • Identity document of the borrower / co-borrower / pledger;
  • Extract from the Public Register on the objects of financing and collateral;
  • Documents confirming income.
  • Age - 21-70 years (at the date of loan repayment)
  • Income - a stable income of any type: salary, dividend, rent, income of self-employed persons ...
  • Co-borrower - if your income is insufficient to get the required amount, you can add any family member / members with stable incomes as a co-borrower.

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