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Secured Consumer Loan

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Secured Consumer Loan

If you have not got enough amount of money for your needs, we offer you a target control free loan.


Loan currency
Maximum loan amount
GEL 300,000 or equivalent in other currency
Maximum loan term
10 Years
Interest rate
From 11% GEL / 7% USD / 5% EUR
Effective interest rate
From 12.10% GEL / 7.96% USD / 5.38% EUR
  • Real estate
  • Completed credit application form;
  • A copy of identification of a borrower/co-borrower;
  • A confirmation document of ownership of a property, which is presented as a loan security;
  • A confirmation document of income of a borrower/co-borrower.
  • Every physical person, which lives in Georgia, has got a stable monthly income such as salary, dividend or lease of at least 300GEL, could use the mortgage loan;
  • If your income is not enough to get the loan, you can present maximum 2 members of your family as a co-borrower, which must meet the required criteria of the bank.

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