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The mission and values

Reliability creates confidence!

  • We create a universal banking facility with a modern technology infrastructure, wide network of branches, highly qualified employees and an effective risk - management system.
  • Our priority is to cooperate with all categories of clients, to offer them competitive products and a quality service.
  • We provide effective placement and increscent of clients funds and shareholders capital.
  • We are opened for all everybody - for clients, shareholders, regulatory bodies.

Orientation at Customers: Success of our Customers is our success. We try to understand the needs of our customers and undertake to use all resources for offering to customers the most effective decisions which will help them to achieve and even to surpass their aims.

Reliability: We strictly observe the generally recognized principles and norms of International Law, Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and laws of other countries where Halyk Group carries on business, internal regulations and rules of Halyk Group. We aspire to irreproachably fair conducting business in all fields of activity, anytime and anywhere. We aspire to the European standards of corporate governance and adhere to the policy of maximum openness and transparency of activity of Halyk Group to the shareholders, Customers, business partners, public authorities, employees. Reliability is the key factor of preservation of our most valuable asset - business reputation of Halyk Group.

Leadership: We aspire to the leading position in servicing all groups of our Customers in all segments of the market where we are present. Our executives at all levels of the organization are an example of devotion to the business, enthusiasm and boldness. Our executives set the direction, welcome innovations, inspire the organization on performance of the Mission of Halyk Group.

Social Responsibility: Orientation on the needs and interests of all layers of the population is one of main principles of activity of Halyk Group. We aspire to bring active contribution to development of the society and resolution of social matters and to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Fairness: We build our relations with colleagues on principles of mutual respect and mutual aid, cooperation, confidence and corporate solidarity. We welcome free exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience throughout all Halyk Group and support effective team work. We care for increase of professional level, motivation and social protection of our employees. Remuneration, recognition and career growth in our organization are based on principles of fairness and depend on the results of individual activity and the contribution to success of Halyk Group.

Professionalism: We aspire to the highest standards of professional activity, we are open for innovations and new ideas, and we operate resolutely and consistently. In good faith, promptly and under the best conditions do we carry out all operations on servicing Customers, and that ensures strong and long-term relations with our Customers.